Family History

The heritage of Chirakadavil Family, Elanthiir has its legacy to the landing of Apostle Thomas at Kodungalloor, Kerala in AD 52 and subsequent conversion of four Brahmin families to Christianity viz, Kali, Kaliyangal,  Shankarapuri and Pakalomattam. Our patriarch Shri. Mathan was from Nilackal (a Brahmin converted Christian settlement) which now falls under the jurisdiction of Pathanamthitta revenue district. The Nilackal Palli (now extinct) is considered to be one of the 7 1/2 churches founded by St. Thomas himself. Due to constant attacks from wild animals and threats of Pandi bandits nick named “Parappatta”, the ancient settlers had to flee to safer places like Kadambanadu and Chengannur etc. The peace-loving forefathers were accepted whole heartedly by local rulers and people alike wherever they preferred to settle at.

Around 380 years ago, our patriarch Shri. Mathan along with his wife left  Chiarakadavu near Kanjirappally and settled at Elanthoor where more than sixteen Brahmin illams then existed. Having hailed from Chirakadavu, local people respectfully called him Chirakadavil Mathan. That was the humble beginning of The Chirakadavil Family.

Hardwork, dedication and above all Godliness earned Mathan fame and acceptance among people. Gradually he amassed many landed properties in Elanthoor. He was morally upright, social reformist and above all a staunch follower of Jesus Christ. That is the reason the Chirakadavil Family has been blessed with a number of priests, pastors, evangelists and upright political activists. Surprisingly, one will rarely trace any presence of anti-social elements in the family history, hitherto.

The Mathan Family was blessed with three sons who settled in three divisions of the family owned land.

i) Eldest son Mathan Itty shifted to the southern end of the land and known as Thekkel Mathan Itty

ii) The second son continued to stay in the same family house and was known as Chirakadavil Mathan Koshy

iii) The youngest son moved to the northern portion was known as Vadakkel Matan Cherian.

Thus the three sons of Chirakadavil Mathan had become the Branch Heads of Thekkel, Chirakadavil and Vadakkel branches of the family.

Henceforth, (for the sake of brevity) we may restrict our descriptions to the Thekkel Branch of the family consisting of Thekkel Mathan Itty and his descendants. Please refer ‘Chirakadavil Kudumba Charithram’ (Malayalam) published in 1991 for a branch by branch history.


Thekkethil Family – Generation 1-9

1. Our Patriarch: Chirakadavil Mathan


2. Thekkel Mathan Itty:

Married from Thalayanadu and blessed with three sons and one daughter

2.1 Itty Mathan (Thekkel Mathan)

2.2 Itty Kunjummen (Memuriyil Kunjummen)

2.3 Itty Itty (Thundiyil Itty)

2.4 The daughter was given in marriage to Palliyath House, Kozhencherry


3. Itty Mathan (Thekkel Mathan):

Married from Thekkekara, Omalloor. They had one son and two daughters.

3.1  Mathan Itty


4. Mathan Itty:

Married from Vadakkeveettil, Pathanamthitta. He stayed at Thekkel, Elanthoor; blessed with one son and one daughter.

4.1 Itty Mathan

4.2 Mariamma


5. Itty Mathan:

After formal education, married from Pallicka Veettil, Kaipattoor and stayed at family home at Elanthoor. They were blessed with four sons and three daughters. He was a well known person in Elanthoor.

5.1 Itty

5.2 Mathai

5.3 Kunjummen

5.4 Yohannan

5.5 Aachi

5.6 Mariamma

5.7 Rahelamma


Thekkel Branch, hereafter was grouped into three sub branches viz.

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  1. Thekkel (Naranganam)
  2. Thekkel (Elanthoor)
  3. Parambil


6. Itty (Kochukunju):

A renowned public figure, and an ardent believer of Jesus Christ, Itty was the forefather who moved to Naranganam and became the family head of Thekkethil (Naranganam) sub branch. After formal education he married Mariamma of Cherukara Kallara Valickal, Ayroor. His search for further gospel truths and acquaintance with the great missionary Noel had resulted in joining Brethren Church. He was fully engrossed in gospel work rest of life. Kochukunju was one of the founding members of Brethren Church in Elanthoor. Itty/Mariamma family was blessed with two sons and four daughters.\

6.1 Mathai

6.2 Abraham

6.3 Rahelamma

6.4 Annamma

6.5 Sosamma

6.6 Aleyamma

The daughters were given in marriage to

i) Nirannakalayil, Naranganam

ii) Pulinthitta, Elanthoor

iii) Plavunilkkunnathil, Pariyaram

iv) Koduvatharayil, Elanthoor


7. Abraham Itty

The younger son Abraham, after formal education married Aleyamma from Kalleli Veettil, Idanadu and stayed ay Thekkethil (Naranganam). They were blessed with seven sons. (No daughters)

Abraham followed his father and adhered to Brethren teachings; later accepted Pentecostal doctrines (after his third son C.A. Mathew) Abraham used to visit churches far and near proclaiming salvation, separation and holiness. The parents were strict disciplinarians in upbringing of their children. Four sons and five grand children have become full time ministers of gospel. Abraham at the age of 83 and Aleyamma at 90 years had been promoted to glory.

7.1 T.A. Itty (Kutty):

The eldest son T.A. Itty, after his formal education married Mariamma of Thanninilkkunnathil, Pariyaram and stayed at Thekkethil Kizhakkemuri, Naranganam. Two sons Johnny and Joy were born to them. Unfortunately, Mariamma at her young  age passed away. In his second marriage with Mariamma, Valangattu House, Mekozhoor, a daughter (Leelamma) and son (Wilson) were born. After a brief illness. his second wife also died. Misery struck the family again as both his elder sons – Johnny and subsequently Joy passed away at Idukki where they had settled down along with their families. Itty also was promoted to glory in 1995 at the age of 85 years.

7.2 Evg. T.A. Tharian (Oonnoonni):

Having passed V.S.LC., Tharian had qualified for teacher’s job. However, he preferred to be an evangelist and emulate his grandfather. Married Chinnamma of Nedumparambil, Pathanapuram and settled there at.

As a senior elder in charge of Kalnjoor Brethren Assembly, he spent rest of his life in Pathanapuram. The family was blessed with two sons (T. Abraham and T. Jameskutty) and four daughters (Ponnamma, Kunjoonjamma, Joyce and Kunjumol). Tharian was an eloquent preacher and evangelist associated with Brethren group. Irrespective of heart ailments, both Tharian and Chinnamma remained active in the Lord’s vineyard till their end. Chinnamma left for her heavenly abode after a brief illness followed by Tharian after a short while.

T. Abraham and his wife Molly and Tharian’s third daughter Joyce have been promoted to glory.

7.3  Pastor C.A. Mathew:

Mathew was the first person in the entire family to follow Pentecostal doctrines of faith. After formal education, he married Aleyamma of Chiramannil, Kadammanitta. While he was ministering in IPC Church in Melpadam, Kerala, he had a vision (like St. Paul’s Macedonian call) urging to leave to native place and to serve the Lord in Andhra Pradesh. The rest of his life he spent in Eluru, Krishna and Guntur districts of A.P; established Pentecostal churches in and around Tenali.

The family was blessed with two sons (T.M Abraham and C.M Varghese). He lost his father in law in 1950, eldest son Abraham on 25th December, 1951. Exactly one year thereafter Pastor Mathew was promoted to be with the Lord on 18th December 1952 at the age of 34 years. Aleyamma passed away on 2nd November 2004in Mumbau at the age of 82 years.

7.4 Pastor T.A. George:

After formal education, George married Rahelamma of Aanakuzhiyil House, Karinkuttickal. Like his elder brothers, George too dedicated himself for full time ministry of Lord Jesus Christ. He had pastored in many IPC churches and lead ‘faith life’ with complete dedication. He was a brave and uncompromising soldier of Lord Jesus. They were blessed with one daughter (Aleyamma) and three sons (George Sam, Pastor Abraham Thomas and Thomas  T George). Aleyamma & Pastor T.K. Joseph and Pastor Abraham Thomas & Daisy are in full time ministry in Gujarat State. After a brief illness, he entered his heavenly abode on 09th March, 1996 at the age of 83 years. On 3oth August, 2012 Rahelamma had also departed to be with the Lord.

Pastor T.A. George was the pioneer centre Pastor of IPC Ranni East District till his death. IPC Convention field in Ranni is one of the achievements of his tireless efforts.





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